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Compulsing page turners

"There are crime novels you simply have to read. Well-written and with a level of suspense that is heightened page after page, a touch of humor and characters who are exciting, authentic, and each with their individual qualities. Geir Tangen is a master in his own right. He conducts his plot with elegance and linguistic precision."

Maestro (2016)

When journalist Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson receives a strange email from someone claiming to take on the role of judge and executioner for a local woman, he first dismisses it as a sick joke - it seems too much like something out of a bad crime novel. He forwards the email to the police and then tries to forget all about it. But the letter keeps eating away at him, and when a woman is found murdered the next day, Viljar realizes he should have listened to his instincts. While the police question Viljar, he receives a new email from the killer with yet another premonition of death. And so begins the hunt for a singularly sick serial killer.

At first the murderer appears excessively careless, leaving blatant traces all over the crime scenes. Skilled yet eccentric investigator Lotte Skeisvoll realizes that taunting the police is part of the killer's intricate plan, and that they need to figure out the killer's next move - and quick. Victim after victim falls prey to increasingly brutal murders and still the police seem no closer to zeroing in on the killer. Lotte's obsessive-compulsive nature is working against her in a case where it seems that speed is of the essence. There is finally a break in the investigation when it is revealed that the murders have striking similarities to scenes out of popular crime novels. But who is the copycat killer, and how can he always be one step ahead?

The police have found incriminating evidence that Viljar had known the first victim intimately, even though he claims to have no knowledge of her. When Viljar also finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, he suddenly becomes the police's lead suspect. Viljar begins to fear that someone is trying to set him up. But who? And why?

Maestro surprises, chills, and delights at every unexpected turn. Debut novelist Geir Tangen toys with the conventions of the genre, playing a game with the reader while introducing a rich and compelling cast of characters. In this compulsive page-turner, a dizzyingly smart and sick murderer uses our heroes as pawns for the completion of the movements of his brutal masterpiece.

Maestro is the first installment featuring journalist Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson and Investigator Lotte Skeisvoll.


Dead men dancing (2018)

Summer has arrived in sleepy Haugesund and in the woods on the outskirts of town a ghost has risen from the ashes and lies in waiting, holding on to an old grudge that will prove deadly for the people he was once used to call friends.

Journalist Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson has teamed up with his colleague and friend Jossen, and started a popular true crime podcast where they look into cold cases. Volatile police investigator Lotte Skeisvoll has buried herself in work. A manhunt for a suspected ISIS warrior is underway, and the country's terror threat level is on high alert. Meanwhile, Viljar and Lotte are living through a frighteningly real nightmare of their own. Together they covered up a murder a few months ago and while at first, they thought they had gotten away with it, their past now comes back to haunt them as they face the possibility of seeing an innocent man arrested for a crime they themselves committed.

While Viljar and Lotte are divided on what to do, Haugesund is once again plagued by a series of gruesome murders. A woman is eaten alive by rats, a man is stung to death by wasps. The common thread? Death by their greatest fear. Who knows the victims well enough to know what they feared most?

While odd things start happening to Viljar and he stumbles on new findings on a cold case, Lotte starts looking over her shoulder. It feels as though someone is following her. Her premonition becomes realized when five daisies from her sister Anne's grave are uprooted and left at a site connected to one of the murders. What does the killer want with her? When it turns out that the two murder victims used to belong to the same group of friends in their youth it becomes apparent that the killer might be on a personal vendetta and that more people are in danger. When the third victim is found they soon they realize that Lotte might be next in line...

Dead Men Dancing is the third and final nail-biting instalment in Geir Tangen's Haugesund trilogy featuring the enigmatic Lotte Skeisvoll and Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson. With his signature humour and breath-taking twists at breakneck speed, Geir Tangen finalizes his bestselling trilogy with a page-turner that will keep the reader hooked to the very last page.

Heartbreaker (2017)

Four months have gone by since Haugesund was plagued by the Maestro, and even though she's far from well, Lotte Skeisvoll has willed herself back to work. She and Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson have become close friends, but their newfound friendship will soon be put to the test when Viljar once again finds himself in a nightmare: his 17 year-old son, Alexander, wakes up next to a dead girl and gets arrested on charges of her murder. All evidence and the witnesses from the party point to Alexander. But no one was in the room when Emilie Vormedal was murdered, no one but Alexander - who claims to remember nothing.

Viljar is the only one who believes in Alexander's innocence and he sets out to clear his son's name. When Lotte, who is cracking under pressure and the trauma from her sister's murder in Maestro, is deemed unfit to serve and gets suspended from the police force, she partners up with Viljar to solve the case in their own rogue investigation.

But when two other youngsters who attended the same party as Alexander and Emilie are found dead, the investigation takes a new and surprising turn. Are they dealing with the same brutal killer or is it all an improbable coincidence?

The deeper Lotte digs, the clearer it becomes that Alexander might not be the innocent boy his father thinks he is. She discovers disturbing ties to a right-wing extremist group and when confronted with this, Viljar starts questioning how well he really knows his own son. Viljar decides to confront the leader of the right-wing group who he believes have ensnared Alexander into their sinister organization. But the meeting goes horribly wrong and just as Viljar's life is about to spiral completely out of control, Lotte swoops in and proves just how far she's willing to go for her friend.

Dark, suspenseful and an even deeper dive into the complex characters from bestselling debut Maestro, Heartbreaker is the thrilling second instalment in Geir Tangen's Haugesund Series about Lotte Skeisvoll and Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson.


The wolf`s hour (2021)

Lieutenant Gabriel Fjell has just been promoted to head of investigation in Haugesund, and in his first case he presents enormous challenges both privately and professionally. A wave of suicides is spreading among the youth in the city, and Gabriel and his team feel powerless in the fight against the destructive forces. 

Soon they find out that the youths are connected to an international network called the "Blue Whale Challenge". A game where the youngsters, after 57 different challenges, eventually end up killing themselves. 

The traces lead Gabriel and his team into a youth environment characterized by self-harm, black metal, depression and mental health issues. Normally these kids would seek for help, but on the outskirts there is a manipulator who is happy to give the youth a helping hand in ending the suffering they are feeling.

Gabriel's eighteen-year-old niece is one of the youngsters trapped in this web, and without knowing it, she is drawn ever closer to the abyss. When her best friend, Vanessa, throws herself from the top of a radio mast, her world collapses. But, did Vanessa really jump of her own free will? 

For Gabriel, the case becomes even more stressful as his own big sister committed suicide eighteen years ago, and he struggles with unprocessed trauma after what happened that time. When his girlfriend chooses to go behind him and start her own investigations, she comes dangerously close to the truth and becomes a threat that the killer cannot ignore ...

The wolf`s hour is the first installment in a new crime fiction serie from Geir Tangens pen, and is slightly different than the trilogy with Gudmundsson and Skeisvoll. There are darker corners in this novel, and sharper edges when it comes to social issues in the society. The first book gives the reader a peak into mental health issuses among youths, and hopefully it will put this problem into debate in media and the political goverment. 

The novel will be released at Gyldendal Norsk Forlag in january 2021

Thrilling short stories

Geir Tangen has written a number of crime novels for newspapers, magazines and commissioned works. Several of them are published in collections of short stories in Norway. 

"God is great" (2017)

We are at Gardermoen, Norway's largest airport, and a man is sitting at a coffee table. He seems to have scary plans, is stressed, scared, and waits for the decisive moment when his brother comes in through the sliding doors of the terminal.

"Kamikaze" (2019)

A short story for young readers where we meet a sixteen-year-old boy who suffers from air fright. His uncle is a airplane pilot and decides to cure the terror and takes him up in a small plane. The boy is terrified, and it becomes a nightmare when the uncle who leads the plane suddenly gets a heart attack and dies ...

Alter ego (2020)

A man is sitting at the front bench in a funeral. He does not know any of those who are in the church, at least the person in the coffin. He dont know the name of the diseased. He does not know what he is doing there at all, and why the priest and the mourners approach him as one of the deceased's closest relatives ...